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Old 06-15-2009, 05:12 AM
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Default What video games have taught me about guns!

1. Guns are designed to have the bullet casings fly in front of your face to look cooler.
Offenders: Black, Far Cry 2

2. Ammo is grouped by weapon type and works with all guns of it's class. ie. Assault Rifle rounds, Pistol rounds, SMG round etc.
Offenders: Army of Two, Resident Evil 4/5

3. In war, both sides will carry different assault rifles and side arms, but they will share shot guns, sniper rifles and rocket launchers.
Offenders: Killzone, Gears of War,

4.Weapon recoil is annoying because it makes the sights on my gun expand.
Offenders: Pretty much any shooter

5. Reloading is always effortless
Offender: Every shooter

6. 7.62mm rounds do the same damage as 5.56mm rounds.
Offender: Call of Duty 4

7. Sniper rifles ALWAYS kill a man with one shot, even if the bullet hits the man's foot.
Offender: Any online game that features a sniper rifle

8. Shotguns have a maximum range of 10 yards or less. They are also always loaded with buckshot and never slugs.
Offender: Any online game that features a shotgun

9. Guns can be used to club enemies repeatidly.
Offender: Halo started it, the rest followed

10. Pistols can do more damage than Assault Rifles.
Offender: Resident Evil 5

11. Armor makes you a bullet sponge, but head protection is worthless.
Offender: Rainbow Six Vegas 1/2

12. The military never take RPGs into battle, they just picked up enemy RPGs when the situation calls for it.

13. A revolver is always a magnum.
Offender: Resident Evil series

14. Jamming? Guns never jam!
Exceptions: Far Cry 2, America's Army
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