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Old 12-11-2008, 02:36 AM
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Default Questions

I am writing a book at the moment, and the Ciener Silenced Ruger Mark II intrigues me as the side arm for one of my central characters. As this site is associated with several actual gunsmiths, I thought I'd ask my questions here.

1. Can the Ruger Mark II be fired with non standard .22 ammunition such as high velocity rounds?

2. Can the Mark 3 be fitted with the same kinds of silencers as the Mark 2?

3. Just how silent is the Ruger when suppressed? Do any of the guns moving parts still produce significant audible noise, or is really and effectively silenced?

4. Is the Ruger Mark 2 with the Ciener silencer in this sites photos nickel plated or chrome finished or some such or is that the standard color of the gun?

5. Would you describe hitting someone in the skull with a Ruger Mark 2 or 3 from six blocks away as inconceivable, or physically impossible?
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