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Originally Posted by MT2008 View Post
but I never regarded any of Smith's 3rd Gen semi-autos as "overbuilt" (which, ironically, is the one problem I do have with H&Ks).
The 4506-1 has more to do with the 10mm 3rd gens (designed for a steady diet of full power 10mm, the kind that caused extremely accelerated wear on its main competitor, the Colt Delta Elite) than it does the base 4506. Kind of overkill for .45 ACP, although it does make the gun very controllable and soft shooting. Even the later, black followered, mags are super heavy duty, definitely meant to last; compared to slightly older base model 4506 and 645 mags (already quite stout and well made, on par with really good 1911 mags) their springs and mag bodies are just a little better. The 9mm 3rd gens are built more like the .40 offerings of other companies than their comparable 9mms, and are definitely beefed up compared to 1st & 2nd gen autos, which are already pretty tough (not the finishes, though, that glossy black goes QUICK)

I'm basing this off my experiences owning guns from all 3 gens, which are as follows
1st gen: 39-2
2nd gen: 459, 645
3rd gen: 4506-1, 6906, 915
Get off of my property

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