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Old 05-23-2012, 10:32 PM
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Originally Posted by zackmann08 View Post

Any chance we could get an admin to scroll through the 50 or so pages marked for Delition? I know I marked a number of them myself and I do have an "itchy trigger finger" for these things but a number of them really should go....

Originally Posted by funkychinaman View Post
I've had a bit of an itchy trigger finger as well, and since I AM one of those members with free time who fixes pages, I base my decisions on how likely another member would finish these pages. I've used the noeffort tag more than the nuke tag.
There's an incomplete tag use it! Just because there's no screencaps doesn't mean there's no effort. If there's a description of who uses what and at least a stock gun image. That's what I would consider minimum effort. Take I've never watched the show but I have an idea of who uses what from reading the page.
A man's got to know his limitations.
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