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Originally Posted by Mazryonh View Post
Fighter jet cannons aren't the sort of thing modern infantry can realistically lug around but we've included them too.
I've always been strongly against listing them, since 99.99% of the time, you can't even see them and it's only listed for the purposes of trivia on what 'that plane would normally be armed with in the real world'.

No Movie Armory houses stocks them. No armorer has ever touched them. Why? because they're only installed on the fighter jets at the manufacturing plant and the only real ones are the ones on jets 'borrowed' from the military or filmed with their permission.

Too many times we veer away from the main purpose of the site, to identify firearms used (and I actually mean used as in handled or specifically depicted) in movies, TV (and anime and videogames, though I was never a fan of how some artist's fanciful drawing counted but I'm definitely in the minority )

Some of these items were included because the majority of Admins deemed them relevant. But I'm more of a purist on these matters.
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Anime and video games are particularly frustrating, since there's so much room for interpretation.

As for aircraft armament, the FAA prohibits the arming of civilian aircraft, which means either the military has to cooperate or we're dealing with mockups.
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