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Old 05-04-2017, 11:42 AM
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Originally Posted by funkychinaman View Post
According to the article, the full sized pistol will be the M17, while the compact will be the M18. But isn't the trigger module the only serialized unit here? Isn't the frame a non-serialized component that can be easily swapped out? If so, why the different designations?
I think that the fact about the trigger module rather than the frame being serialised is kind of irrelevant in this case, as the M17 and M18 will use the same frame anyway with the slide being changed. As for the different designations, I imagine that individual pistols will never actually change between being full size or compacts. I suspect that the modularity of the frames and internal chassis is more of a manufacturing and maintenance benefit rather than being something that individual soldiers will ever do anything with. If in the long term it was decided that fewer M17s were needed and they wanted more M18s, I doubt it would be much of a problem for them to do the conversion and just redesignate them as M18s (guns have changed designation before when they have been upgraded, and they have also converted existing weapons into different weapons with a different designation). Also, if they didn't have a different designation it would be pretty confusing from a logistics standpoint as nobody would actually know what pistol was being referred to without qualifying it.

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