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From Wikipedia:
M1 is: a tank, a bayonet, a carbine, a chemical mine, a light tank, a rifle, a mortar, millitary designation of Thompson SMG, an underwater pistol, a 120mm AA gun, and a shotgun (M1 Super 90)

M2 is: amunition, an AFV, a carbine, a machine gun, an armoured car, a half-track, a howitzer, two kinds of tank, a mine and a flamethrower.

M3 is: an SMG,a carbine, an anti-tank gun, a fighting knife, a howitzer, and a shotgun. (M3 Super 90), and 6 kinds of AFV/tank.

M4 is: a carbine a tank, an AT gun and some other stuff.

M16 is the rifle, a mine and a varient of the M3 half-track with a quad .50cal MG turret for AA

And so on. M1 must mean the first modol, since most of the M1 and M2 suff was US WW2-era equipment. So you could drive an M1 tank, with the crew all having an M1 rifle, carbine, shotgun, and SMG, all with differant ammo. Then an M1 AA guns takes you out, so you dig in for the night and use M1 mines to protect your position before crossing a river armed with an M1 underwater pistol. Confused yet? Shall I go on the M2 and M3?
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