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Old 10-23-2013, 07:25 PM
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Default Bought some new guns

Haven't posted any new guns in awhile, so what the hell.

My most recent addition was a Smith & Wesson 1899 .38 Hand Ejector, which was S&Ws first truly modern swing-out cylinder revolver (the 1896 .32 HE had a number of features held-over from earlier guns) and the very first .38 Special to hit the market. It's pretty similar to the later 1905 .38 Military & Police that became the Model 10, except for the unsupported ejector rod, straight contour barrel and rounded rubber grips. It also has the tiniest sights I've ever seen on a service-type revolver! I still have pretty good eyesight and they're almost unusable except in perfect lighting conditions. This one has a 6 1/2" barrel and not alot of finish left, but it's in great mechanical condition.

I also picked up a 1942 Bulgarian contract Star Model B in 9mm Luger. The Bulgarians were allied with Germany in WW2 and participated in the occupation of Yugoslavia, but not in the invasion of Russia. That didn't stop the Russians from invading THEM in 1944, and this is a typical Russian captured gun with mismatched parts and a not espescially careful rebluing. The Bulgarians actually fought on the Allied side after 1944, so this piece would have seen service on both sides of WW2.

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