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Old 12-17-2012, 11:26 AM
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Default Flaws in BF3

If you've played BF3 either on PC or Console (which doesn't matter), you might notice some annoying aspects of the game which are unrealistic. It doesn't have to be TOO realistic, but it should be fixed. F = Flaw, W = Want

F- Using the RPG-7V2 and the SMAW, you may notice that the rocket is slow to hit the target. The Reloading for the RPG-7 is pretty slow from what you expect. You put the rocket on/in, you push it in, and you twist it. It should be: you put the rocket in (fully) then twist. The stat of the RPG-7’s rocket is incorrect. It says "PG-7VL 85 mm". It’s supposed to be 93 mm

W- They should have an option to put PGO-7 and UP-7V Telescopic sight on it for better accuracy, same with the SMAW's Telescopic and Night Vision Sights. There should be a variation of rockets for different purposes, especially against infantry.

F- When deploying the parachute, it can be hard to maneuver to land on a building, crane or the highest spot in the map.

F- The last unlock for the Attack Heli would be the TV Missile, but barely anyone uses it. The reason why because it is very hard to control. For consoles I know it is hard but I don’t know for PC.

W- Over powered or not, they should have Rocket Pods for Scout Helis. It would give the advantage against Tanks and other ground Vehicles.

F- When there is vehicle collision (even when they touch by a bit) it just glitches and shakes the screen briefly.

F- Whenever you’re having a kind of “sniper battle”, when you get shot at, your sniper always sways (even on a bipod) which is annoying when you have the right shot.

W- The A-10 Thunderbolt would be good if it had cluster bombs and some additions. As seen in this video-

F- Some weapons can have a lot of recoil, but it’s like these soldiers can’t handle a gun properly and just sprays it all over missing the enemy. The only way to handle it is to stabilize the analog stick/mouse.

W- The G18 should have and Extended Mag as it is a Full Auto Pistol.

F- When facing against a helicopter with a rocket launcher, the chance of hitting the helicopter would be hard because the rocket is slow, BUT there is another reason. The blades of the Heli aren’t solid; you would always aim for the body of it. The rocket would just pass the blades, not taking it out or breaking the rotors. They should make the blades solid.

F- The Sky Box is annoying when your jet gets stuck. A real disadvantage when others attempt to kill you. Also when you fly towards the water, you always exit the jet even when it just comes out from the water into the air (touching it a bit). The physics of the water is false.

W- They should have a second seat for the Jets just like in BF2 and the mission "Going Hunting"

F- Using the Knife from the front will kill the person in 2 slashes. It would be better if the soldier was eager enough to stab the enemy in the throat from the front.

W- When someone is behind you and performs a knife takedown, when pressing your "Knifing" button while it happens, it looks like you can counter the attack but never happens. There should be Knife Countering by the reaction of say 200-700 milliseconds.

Those are the flaws I face most of the time. I if you would like, discuss some flaws you find in BF3.

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