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Old 06-29-2010, 05:49 PM
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Default Webley revolver pages

We need to get the Webley revolver pages sorted out, they're a mess - partly because Webley nomenclature is confusing at the best of time.

The page for Webley Mk.II shows a .38 Mk.II, labels it as a .455 and links only to a page for the Enfield No.2 Mk.I. The page for Webley Mk.III also links to a .38 Mk.III and the pages are generally right. The page for Webley Mk.IV is for the .38 Mk.IV - but references the .455 Mk.IV, which is fairly common and we don't have a page for. The Webley Mk.V and Mk.VI pages are generally correct.

Webley revolvers were built in 3 frame sizes - .32, .38 and .455, all of which were numbered in their own sequence. Generally speaking the .455 service revolvers are considered the "main" series - if you say Webley Mk.II you're generally assumed to be talking about a .455. Otherwise it's Webley .32 Mk.II, Webley .38 Mk.II, etc.

I would suggest that, in order to make the pages make sense, we change the Mk.II page to Webley .32 Revolvers, the Mk.III page to Webley .38 Revolvers, and make a Webley .455 Revolvers page to cover the Mk.I - Mk.V. We could even roll up the Webley-Green into it, though it's in enough movies and different enough to keep it separate. Again, the .38 Mk.IV and .455 Mk.VI are in enough movies that it makes sense for them to have their own pages.

If somebody with admin powers wants to change the titles, I can get them set up with text and pictures.

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Old 06-30-2010, 03:16 PM
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Sounds good to me. They do need some tightning up don't they? However I started the Enfield No.2 page and I think it's pretty good.

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