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Default The Sopranos

In the pilot episode, there's a scene in which Carmella confronts a would-be burglar outside her house with what looks like an AKM, which turns out to be Meadow rappelling down a wall. Is it an AKM?.

In the episode "Denial, Anger, Acceptance", there's a scene in which Christopher fires 2 shots in the air when returning a truck that his friend Brendan stole from a trucking company under Uncle Junior's protection. It looks like a full-size Beretta semi-auto. The best view of it is when he fires it and the muzzle blast lights it up.

Also, in "Meadowlands", when Tony arrives at Junior's restaurant to try to reach a compromise with him, he's seen checking his handgun before going in. It looks like a classic Smith & Wesson semi-auto. Looks like a long slide version.

I'd attach stills from the scenes but I can't seem to take screen captures from the DVD in WMP.


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