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Old 01-21-2012, 10:53 PM
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Default Beretta Naming

Can someone help me out with the Beretta pistols. My understanding is that for semi-autos we name them "Manufacturer" "####". So Smith & Wesson 457 or Heckler & Koch HK4. I.E. we DO NOT insert "model" in there. I have gotten myself into trouble moving/renaming gun pages that weren't supposed to be changed in the past so I want to make sure I do it correctly if at all.

The four guns that don't fit with the naming convention I mentioned above include the "Beretta M1934", "Beretta M951", "Beretta Model 70" & "Beretta Model 90". Seems to me they should be "Beretta 1934", "Beretta 951", "Beretta 70" & "Beretta 90". Is this correct? Am I missing something?
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