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Default Article Writing Assistance

I've been an anonymous editor for a brief time, and I figured I've gone as far as I can as just an anonymous editor. I need some help completing an article I've kind of watched over for some time...
Yes, I know it's not exactly the most popular game, but it is part of a fairly successful series as a whole, and I enjoy it myself.

I've been scouring for any sort of page that gives a list of standards for an article to be considered "completed", and I can't seem to find one; if it was out there in the open and I was too "noobish" to see it, I apologize in advance for wasting time. Otherwise, any offered advice on how to write is much appreciated.

If necessary, I am willing to spend up to $50 on equipment that can capture still images, since I intend to stay around and help with editing other articles once this one is complete. If anyone knows any good setups compatible with both dvd/blu-ray players and video game consoles, suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.

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