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Old 02-12-2012, 10:02 PM
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Default G-Men weapons

So....I got this idea for a shot story that I'm currently crafting the outline for.

1951. The NKVD, after realizing the USSR's foolish error in allowing the UN to pass a resolution allowing the use of UN forces in the ROK, is seriously trying to stem the support for the ROK by whatever means possible, including sabotage, assasination, and kidnapping.

Being that they are attempting this in North America, it falls to the G-Men under Hoover to stop them.

I'm thinking of having a plucky five man band assigned to the case of one specific NKVD hit squad, which of course culminates in a fire fight of epic proportions.

I'm thinking principle players will be the five feds, a local hick sheriff, and four State Police men.

Weapons I know I want used are Government Models in both .45 ACP and Super .38, Colt Detective Specials, S&W Heavy Dutys, Winchester '97s, Ithaca '37s, Winchester '07s, and maybe a BAR and M-1928A1 or two.

Any thoughts?
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