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Old 02-08-2010, 05:08 AM
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Originally Posted by k9870 View Post
Facism the government controls people, socialist/communist regimes control people and convince them it the right thing, bringing many to their side.
Actually, they're both like that. The difference is that fascists appeal to a particular ethnic/religious group that feels like it's under siege from foreigners and minorities, and it encourages them to be ultra-nationalist and bellicose. Socialists appeal to the poorest of the poor (usually in countries that have lots of poor) and promise them that if they overthrow the economic/political elites, they'll be able to share in the wealth that was denied to them.

They're both collectivist, anti-individualist ideologies that always bring misery and death, not only to their "enemies", but also to the people that they're supposed to benefit.
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Originally Posted by Alcatrazz View Post
MoviePropMaster2008, you are an invaluable part of this site, but I found that incredibly offensive, my being the grandson of a holocaust survivor. The two do not even compare in the least.
You need to catch a clue. MT2008 'thought' that armorers who are mostly conservative would have some "tolerance" for the libtard views. Why? Why should we? In fact, the METAPHOR, which seems to be something I think you need to learn what that is, is the 'forced tolerance' of smiling and biting your lip when faced with someone whose entire thought process is offensive to you.

The most extreme case of having the discipline NOT to strangle the bastard in front of you was the metaphor I described. If you think that using that example of 'keeping your righteous rage bottled in because it is necessary" as somehow marginalizing the Holocaust, then your brain works completely differently than Mine does. People who immediately freak out at things which are not insults are no better than the people who find offense in EVERYTHING.

That's what the libtards do in my experience. I tend NOT to use such metaphors in the presence of 14 yr old girls because they tend to knee jerk react with emotions, prior to actually analyzing what was said. It's stupid to have to anticipate people intentionally misconstruing a comment but it's reality. Let me know if I have to use the same filter here.
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Dude, I've let it go. Forget about it.
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OK, I guess this topic is getting out of control (and I'm not trying to be holier-than-thou; I know I've contributed to it). I think it's best if maybe I just closed it for now.

In the future, no more topics that are polarizing, please.
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