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Well I was worried that my sole Ruger GP100 was getting lonely so when I found this 3" GP100 I had to take it home for company. Incidentally I don't have large hands and the smaller grips that used to be standard on the 3" model fits the full-size model as well. Fits my smallish hands very nicely. Reminds me of the Pachmayr Compac grip. I've had the 3" GP100 on my "Nice to have" (in contrast to my "Must Have" list and my "One Day I'll be super rich and own it" list) list for many many years. They aren't real easy to find. I guess Ruger makes like fifty of them every other year. I paid $500 for this one. The price was not negotiable and I wanted it. Made in 1990 it's in excellent shape. That's retail for you. If I had waited somebody else would have bought it. It had only been in the shop for a day and the owner (whom I've known for many years) said that many folks had looked at it already. It was on consignment so the owner couldn't cut me a deal.

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