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Originally Posted by Mazryonh View Post
You're still not getting the full recoil from these quarter-loads, which depending on the weapon is clearly not realistic-looking, but this would be generally noticed only by those familiar with those weapons. As for cutting down on firing noise, aren't actors in firing scenes always wearing hearing protection?

Do the post-production houses also put in the brief change in ambient lighting that real muzzle flashes put out, which is most noticeable indoors? At quarter-power, those likely aren't going to be noticeable at all in daytime lighting conditions, especially with flash-suppressor-using weapons.

How about older movies like Heat? The muzzle flashes during the film's most famous shootouts were rather unrealistically large given the flash suppressors on those weapons.

I also heard that in the movie Passchendaele, the filmmakers actually used blanks with more powder than usual, though I didn't hear the reason why. Was it to get more impressive muzzle flashes out of the WWI firearms in that movie without the need for post-production enhancement?
I think when he refers to less noise, it's to satisfy local residents. No one wants to hear gunfire around their neighborhood, whether they're movie blanks or not.

I read in Die Hard they used high powered blanks as well to get better flash. Then again, they shot at Fox Plaza, so who was going to complain.
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