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Exclamation Severe allergies to foregrips?

I like that the line in the "Under Siege 2" entry here, saying how a "million-dollar mercenary hasn't yet figured out the wonders of the vertical foregrip!" on this wiki, but after doing some poking around with some other movies and television shows, I find that "severe cases of foregrip allergy" ignore things like movie budgets or even the overall fame of the production. The most famous case of this problem I've seen on this wiki is Tom Cruise from Mission Impossible 3 and his poor unused foregrip on his MP5K-PDW.

Recently I've taken to watching the SWAT cop drama "Flashpoint," and it's not pleasant to see people who are supposed to be crack cops simply ignoring one of the better ergonomic advances on their weapons. Were the show's technical or police advisors simply not doing their jobs there?

I thought that since the iconic image of an early-20th-century gangster blazing away with a Tommy Gun equipped with a drum magazine and a forward pistol grip is so well-known, most actors would immediately recognize that the vertical foregrip on a two-handed firearm is supposed to help you hold the gun more easily. Even so, that doesn't explain why so many actors don't do so--is it a directorial decision, or just the people on set not telling the actors proper gun handling?

Edit: Okay, it seems I posted this in the wrong section--this was supposed to go into the guns and movies section rather than the imfdb section. Any chance a moderator could move it to the guns and movies section?

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