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I am a police officer but a British one, so this situation would never arise for me. However being the kind of guy that i am I have looked into this sort of stuff, and firstly I have to say that the guy with the CCW should never start by saying that "I have a firearm" or anything like it. The more sensible response would be to first say that you have a carry permit and then that you are currently carrying a weapon. The officer should then ask you exactly where it is, and then ask you to show him your permit. If in the case you described you vehicle registration is inside the glove box with your firearm then it is likely that he would proceed with the stop without asking to see it, as he would have ran your number plate when he stopped you and assuming nothing is out of the ordinary all that he would have to do would be to confirm your identity from your license. In some States that allow concealed carry they have laws saying that you must inform the officer if you are carrying, but even if you aren't it is a very good idea to let them know immediately anyway.
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