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Originally Posted by Swordfish941 View Post
Hey Rockwolf, I got a few ideas for your book.

- A toture scene where where Johnny shoots the fingers off a DeSilva peon named Rallo Ramirez and cauterizes them with a cigarrette lighter (I got it from "Man on Fire").

- Johnny and Maria are making love in a hotel room. A DeSilva hitman sneaks in and tries to kill them with a suppressed Browning Hi-Power, but Maria grabs her .357 Magnum off a nightstand and shoots him with it.

That's all I have, but you could put it in the story somehow. Now could you give some story ideas for my book? I'm stuck at a part where the crew stops in Port Elizabeth to get supplies. Also who would you want to play your charecters if they adapt your book for a film?
As far as the torture scene, I gotta agree with Rockwolf that there are better ways to get information out of people. I've always thought that the fear of being tortured is more likely to get someone to talk than the actual torturing is. Plus you've always gotta consider the legitimacy of information gained from torture.

The hotel scene, however, peaks my interest and I might use something similar to it in one of my own stories, if you don't mind (my character uses USP45s instead, though; she's not a fan of revolvers or magnum calibers ).
"The gun has played a critical role in history. An invention which has been praised and denounced... served hero and villain alike... and carries with it moral responsibility. To understand the gun is to better understand history."

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