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Originally Posted by MoviePropMaster2008 View Post
Wow, you ARE dense. Taking someone else's original photograph and 'fixing' it in photoshop is a copyright violation. Especially when the actual PHOTOGRAPHER is right here in front of you. Try doing that with a photograph by Diane Arbus or Annie Liebowitz or Robert Capa.

Sure as long as the image is 'in fun' and goes nowhere else, it's probably not a big deal, but you copied the original COPYRIGHTED image (look at the pics, they are not only digitally copyrighted, but have an obvious license to IMFDB statement on the pics), renamed the files and parked them somewhere else.

You really do not understand how the world works? Do you? Yeah sure, people violate copyright all the time on the net, just like they all exceed the speed limit and jaywalk everyday. But guess what? You can get nailed for it too. Just depends on the time and the place and whether or not it's worth pursuing legal action.

Some IMFDB members have stopped making 'frankengun' hybrids out of my photos because (1) I asked them to and they respected that request and (2) it's a technical violation of North American Copyright law. Next time you do that, take the pics yourself and then you can alter it all you want. At least YOU will be doing most of the real work. Not someone else.
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