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Originally Posted by Rockwolf66 View Post
I am updating the double barreled Shotgun page. I'm starting with getting everything into the infobox format and then I am going to have to find years for everthing before I start with the cronilogical order of things.

I know I'm not the most organized member seeing as how I made the Army of two page. But the page is so large now that just the first section of full lenght shotguns in film is 12 pages in Word. I am taking it a page at a time and then working my way down.

I would love some help with finding film dates and possibly someone to start with other sections of the page.

Hopefully I can get a group of people together to help update the format of old pages and get them up to standard.
It may be easier to just update the dates and characters before moving on to converting it to a table.
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