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I actually just had a long discussion on another forum about how milsurp prices have gone nuts - not only has the more desirable stuff (US, UK, German, K31s and non-M91 Finns here) just about doubled in price over a few years, the less desirable stuff (French, Italian, Austrian, other countries) has just about disappeared from the market. You can still get Russian and Chinese SKSs and refurbished M91/30s and SVT-40s relatively cheaply here but I hardly ever see anything that tempts me anymore. No matter how nice it is I just don't need to spend $1000 on a SMLE when I already have several.

Honestly money's been a little tight over the last year but even if it wasn't the decline of the milsurp market has me getting away from buying guns with any frequency. I got into scale modelling earlier this year and honestly it's just a better return on investment for my leisure money these days. $50 buys me a model tank and paints that'll keep me busy for a week vs a box of ammo that'll last 20 minutes at the range.
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