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Originally Posted by Spartan198 View Post

It's basically just the same as their -M series military/LE pistols, though.
Actually, the Gen 5 and the "M" series are not the same, contrary to my expectations (I would have figured that "M" was just an early designation for the FBI's Gen 5 guns before the latter hit the commercial market). I had the chance to handle both versions at a trade show recently, and I asked the Glock rep what's the difference. The "M" series have different barrels and different finishes on most of the parts than the Gen 5. I personally couldn't see any difference other than slide markings, even when I held a -17M and a -17 Gen 5 in each hand, but I trust that the guy knew what he was talking about.

Personally, I'm glad that they finally got rid of the finger grooves (aside from reminding me of the Gen 2s, it simply feels better in my hand), but there are still some things I feel could have been done better. I don't know why they haven't standardized extended slide releases yet, for example - the factory slide releases have always been too small. I'm debating whether to buy a Gen 5 G19, which would be the first G19 I own. (Right now, I have all the other major 9mm variants except the -19.)

Originally Posted by Mazryonh View Post
Does the Gen 5 release mean that Gen 4's production time will be short-lived?
I doubt it; they haven't even stopped producing most of the Gen 3 models yet (which is impressive, when you consider that the Gen 3s have been around since the Clinton White House). Also, I asked if there were plans to introduce the .40-caliber models in Gen 5, and the Glock rep told me probably not yet - because they also got rid of the locking block pin (another throwback to the Gen 2 days), which was primarily added for the .40-caliber and .357 SIG Glocks. So at the very least, they'll have to keep producing Gen 4 Glocks in the larger calibers until they solve the engineering challenges associated with removing the locking block pin on the 9mm Gen 5s.
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