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Originally Posted by Nyles View Post
Totally makes sense to me - there's a reason my Artillery Luger and C/96 stay in the safe but my Hi Power comes every time. I actually don't mind the GP100s, they're not nearly as nice as a Smith buy they're built like a bank vault and that has its own kind of charm. Besides, there's nothing wrong with just wanting something a little different - I occasionally toy with the idea of buying a Glock.
Seconded almost entirely. Only hitch is the part about the Glock, which I'd even also agree with if I could find one that actually felt comfortable in my hands. But 'something different sometimes' point I hear absolutely.
Otherwise spot-on - S&W man though I be I like Rugers a lot also (little more partial to the older Six series, but still), and I'm with ya entirely on your point JCordell. I'd say take the oldies but goodies out for fun once in a while but serious shooting, well, you got it - get a 'daily driver' piece. And you certainly got a good a one.
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