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Originally Posted by Nyles View Post
Totally makes sense to me - there's a reason my Artillery Luger and C/96 stay in the safe but my Hi Power comes every time. I actually don't mind the GP100s, they're not nearly as nice as a Smith buy they're built like a bank vault and that has its own kind of charm. Besides, there's nothing wrong with just wanting something a little different - I occasionally toy with the idea of buying a Glock.
I've been tossing around the idea of buying a 4" GP100 stainless for several years. Everytime I have the money something neat comes along. This time I finally just went and got the money and drove to Sportsman's. Well that's not totally true. I did stop at a couple of my favorite LSG's, but they didn't have anything for once. So I was destined to buy it. You're right it does have it's own kind of charm with it's vault like physique. You should go crazy and buy a Glock. Truth be told I like my G19. When I retire from my agency it will be gifted to me and I'm okay with that. Don't feel the need for more Glocks, but I like the one I carry.
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