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"Silencer" may be used by some manufacturers (from what I can tell, mostly third-rate ones) to describe their products, but it's not technically correct. Much the opposite. Most "suppressors" aren't "silent" at all.

Originally Posted by bubble920 View Post
Can anybody name a movie in which the sound of a round being let off with a silencer is actually correct? Also a silencer produces still quite a lot noise (higher than 100db sometimes) but the noise is abnormal.
Any suggestions why Hollywood never replicates the "true" sound of silencer in use?

We had a topic about this in another part of the forum. The suppressors you see in movies are never real ones. They won't function properly with blanks, and besides, the gunfire you hear in movies is almost never the actual sound of the gun (the gunfire is always dubbed in later). Plus, since suppressors are NFA-regulated in the U.S., using fake suppressors means that the armorers have fewer Class III devices to watch after when they're on-set.

I'll try to find the topic where one of our armorers talked about it...
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