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I don’t think airsoft guns were used in the first movie, either. What I remember hearing is that they used electronic/solid plug blanks in real weapons. (See Forgotten Weapons’ interview with Charles Taylor from Movie Armaments Group for an explanation of how those work.)

Also, if he heard that rumor from his ISS contact, bear in mind that ISS didn’t provide the guns for the first movie, only the second and third. In the original movie, all of the guns came from The Specialists, Ltd., as far as I know.

Originally Posted by Ultimate94ninja View Post
On another note, he wrongfully says that Keanu picked up a Glock 26 from one of the henchmen and that he tucked it in his waistband, when in fact this G26 belonged to him from the beginning (it was his backup gun), and he carried it in an actual holster.
In his defense, that’s the kind of detail that only IMFDB members are likely to catch, not casual viewers. We notice that kind of detail because it’s basically our job to be that observant when we write for the Wiki. I’m guessing he didn’t watch the movie again all the way through before filming the Vickers Tactical channel video, and forgot that the Glock 26 was one of Wick’s own guns.
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