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I saw that video not long after it was uploaded. I'd hate to contradict a professional who obviously knows his stuff, but while he did mention a lot of interesting things, I'm not convinced about all of what he said. For starters, he states that John Wick 1 was done completely with Airsoft pistols (although in this case, the one to blame more is the ISS guy who told him that), yet according to a couple of comments on the video (and according to my research as well), there's no Airsoft version of the H&K P30L in existence (there's only for the regular P30). Plus, he claims that the pistol's slide didn't lock back because it's an Airsoft gun, yet near the end of the nightclub fight, it does lock to the rear (okay, there are Airsoft guns that indeed have the locking feature, but still). On another note, he wrongfully says that Keanu picked up a Glock 26 from one of the henchmen and that he tucked it in his waistband, when in fact this G26 belonged to him from the beginning (it was his backup gun), and he carried it in an actual holster.

Anyway, even if Airsoft guns were used, it would only apply to the first movie. I hanged around a lot of relevant videos, Instagram posts, etc., and I'm pretty sure all guns in JW2 and JW3 are real
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