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Originally Posted by Spartan198 View Post
I have to question how a Block II M4 could be seen as not the "latest and greatest" or "locally sourced" in South America when only the United States uses that configuration.

I blame Cool Gun Syndrome instead.
I guess they figured that because it uses a Picatinny quad rail instead of a modular rail (Keymod or M-LOK), and an ACOG rather than some type of LPVO, it's not exactly the "latest and greatest" (basically, state-of-the-art for 2009, but not 2019). Even though obviously, IRL, the Block II-style M4A1s are still standard-issue for most U.S. SOCOM personnel, since the Geissele URGI and the new Nightforce and Vortex scopes haven't been issued yet.

On another note, ever since I saw the movie, I've wondered whether that M4A1 Block II is a Colt rifle retrofitted with a RIS II, or one of ISS's Daniel Defense M4A1s (the ones that they bought originally for "Sicario" in 2014-15) retrofitted with Magpul furniture. After seeing this video, I now believe that it is in fact the DD rifle, because around 11:33, you can just see the white laser markings on the left side of the receiver, and the flash hider also looks like a DD-style flash hider.

EDIT 12-15-19: In case anyone cares (or wants to add this info to the movie page on IMFDB), I've learned that Garret Hedlund's M4A1 Block II from this film is a Daniel Defense M4A1 upper on a Noveske N4 lower. The upper is indeed taken from one of the "Sicaro" weapons. Charlie Hunnam's M933 is also built on a Noveske N4 lower (also, the upper was originally acquired for "Transformers" in 2007, which is probably not a huge surprise).
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