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It's official: After putting aside money from every paycheck for the better part of a year, I finally purchased a Geissele Upper Receiver Group Improved (URGI) just today, though I won't actually receive it until almost the end of the month. I'm finally going to start building my M4 Block III clone (yes, I know that it's still an unofficial designation right now, but I think everyone's expectation is that the URGI will become the basis of SOPMOD Block III).

I'm planning to buy a new lower receiver instead of retrofitting the URGI to the lower from my DPMS AR-15 that I bought in 2010, so I'm taking recommendations on new late-2010s lowers if anyone has any. I saw on YouTube that Garand Thumb set up his URGI on a Radian lower, but I've seen mixed reviews in my research so far, so I dunno if I'll buy one of those. I do expect that, like him, I'll choose a B5 stock, though.
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