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Default Seemingly contemptuous new members

Is it just me or are we getting some members lately that seem to spend as much if not more effort than they do actually working on the wiki complaining about the wiki? Incessantly challenging longstanding ways of how we do things because it doesn't suit their particular 'logic', bitching about how we 'don't do things like other wikis' and implying we're lazy dolts when we argue back against making wholesale changes to the site on little more than a whim - In short basically spreading a whole aura of contempt and even disrespect about?

....Or is it more I'm just being too sensitive because I'm now an old enough member to just be another curmudgeon going 'get off my lawn'?

(Disclaimer: Yes I make this post fully aware some of those I'm talking about may be on here. Doesn't change the fact I feel there's an issue here and wish to air it out. Anyhoo...)
"..If someone has a gun and is trying to kill you - It would be reasonable to shoot back with your own gun."
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