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I've learned a lot about ISS' guns over the years, but Larry definitely learned some stuff that I hadn't heard before. Interesting tidbits:

- ISS' armorers are a bit frustrated that the Colt .38 machine pistol from "Public Enemies" didn't get more screen time, given the effort that went into finding a historically accurate gun and doing the mods.

- The S&W 4506s from "Training Day" (used by Denzel Washington) are the same ones later used in "The Shield" (used by Michael Chiklis).

- There are only two AA-12s in all of Hollywood, and ISS owns both. (Read: Every film/TV appearance of the AA-12 that we've documented on IMFDB - from "The Expendables" to "Breaking Bad" - is one of the same two guns.)

- The 1911 from "Sons of Anarchy" is a Springfield Bureau Model slide on a frame from another Springfield 1911. (We've had it down - incorrectly - as a Springfield Custom Professional 1911-A1 for many years now.)

- The Mark 18 Mod 0 from "American Sniper" was built on an XM16E1 lower receiver from a batch of AR lowers that is so old that ISS is now taking them out of rental circulation (which Larry Vickers says will "haunt" him).
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