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Originally Posted by MT2008 View Post
Flattop AR uppers with no forward assist or brass deflector do exist. Rocky Mountain Arms manufactured those types of receivers for the Patriot Pistol in the 1990s, and I imagine some other manufacturers did as well.
That upper looks like the DPMS bare bones with a rounded ejection port. The gun in the show looks exactly like an SP1 upper, just with a flat top. It also uses a large front pivot pin, which i think means that the upper needs to be a Colt Sporter. I take your point that there are differences between different flat top uppers and this is what I had chalked the M4 oddity up to until I saw this rifle, it just made me wonder.

There are quite a few odd guns in this series, but this one takes the cake. Judging from the fact that I can find quite a few matching guns on their website I think the weapons were provided by Hire Arms, and they have a rifle listed as the "M16 PRS Sniper" which is an exact match apart from the fact that it has the standard SP1 upper, which makes me think even more that it is this gun which has had the upper hacked hacked.

Just for the hell of it, here are some other odd guns that are listed on there which I think appear in this series and help with the ID:
  • "HK33 SLIDING STOCK", which is a HK33 which has been chopped half way between a HK33 and a HK53, has a chopped SA G3 handguard and feeds from polymer R4 magazines.
  • "SAS G3", which is a G3 which has been chopped half way between a G3K and a HK51 and has a chopped SA G3.
  • "VEKTOR R4 GALIL, which is an R4 without lightening cuts and with a carry handle.
  • "ACCURACY INTERNATIONAL", which looks like an AI, but isn't as the action is wrong but it also is not a Remington 700 in an AICS.

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