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Originally Posted by commando552 View Post
I am aware of no such upper existing,
Flattop AR uppers with no forward assist or brass deflector do exist. Rocky Mountain Arms manufactured those types of receivers for the Patriot Pistol in the 1990s, and I imagine some other manufacturers did as well.

Originally Posted by commando552 View Post
If for whatever reason flat top uppers are not widely available in South Africa so they have to make their own, this would also explain the peculiar M4s that have been in all seasons of this show, where the flat top rail is higher than on a real M4.
I think I responded to your comments about this on the AR page. Before the M4-style flattop receiver became the industry standard in the late-1990s, the flattop uppers made by AR manufacturers were often very different from each other. I already mentioned the Rocky Mountain Arms style. Olympic Arms also made flattop ARs whose upper receivers had higher RIS than those of an M4 (and their very earliest flattops used the same type of RIS seen on the Colt ACR, rather than Picatinny STD-1913 style). I would imagine that the more likely explanation that the "Strike Back" M4s have such tall flattops is simply that they're from older-model flattop ARs of non-Colt manufacture.
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