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Default Convert a carry handle AR-15 upper to a flat top?

Does anyone know if it is possible (and relatively easy with the right equipment) to convert an AR-15 upper with a fixed carry handle to a flat top upper. By this I do not mean swap out the upper for a new one, a mean modify the existing upper by sawing off the carry handle and bolting on a rail. The reason I ask is that on the Strike Back - Season 3 page that is currently being worked on there is a highly customised AR-15 sniper rifle that appears to use an SP-1 upper (no forward assist or brass deflector) complete with the large hole screw pin lower, but it has a flat top:

I am aware of no such upper existing, so was wondering how viable it would be that this was a an SP1 upper that had either had a rail machined directly into it, or had been machined flat and had a rail bolted or pinned on. i am aware of some flat top uppers existing that lack a FA or BD such as the bare bones one made by DPMS, but these look different with a plain rounded ejection port, wheras this upper looks like a regular SP1.

If for whatever reason flat top uppers are not widely available in South Africa so they have to make their own, this would also explain the peculiar M4s that have been in all seasons of this show, where the flat top rail is higher than on a real M4.
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