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Originally Posted by commando552 View Post
I would personally steer clear of KeyMod. I could point to that study that NSWC Crane did but instead I'll just point to the fact that personally I kept getting my gloves caught in KeyMod slots. I had less of a problem with bare hands, but with gloves the material had just enough give that it would poke up into the wide part of the slot and then when I slid my hand along it would jam in the narrow part in a way that would be impossible with MLOK.

I have also seen someone totally wreck a KeyMod rail by installing something incorrectly with the recoil lug just up on the surface of the handguard rather than properly in the slot. This is due to how KeyMod works with you having to hook in the bolt heads and slide the accessory forwards before tightening, and if you do not slide it forward enough (or do not keep it held forward whilst tightening which I believe was the case here) the recoil lug could be out of the slot and cause damage. This having to hook in and slide forward thing is not a concern with MLOK, but you can still fuck that up in a different way. In my experience I have found the KeyMod slightly trickier (or at least less intuitive) to install than MLOK, but with MLOK you do need to be more aware of the thickness of the handguard so it is a six of one, half a dozen of the other kind of thing in that regard.

MLOK also has the pro that it is far easier to have accessories and rails that can mount in either direction.
You make some good points, but the rifles are issued to us so we use what we get. The eternal dilemma of government employees.
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