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Originally Posted by Greg-Z View Post
Please help me with a correct English term for the following gun part: a ring or band on rifle stock that fixes together the stock and the barrel. Most often it is placed on the muzzle end. I guess that it's something like a "stock band" but it would be better to know for sure. Thanks in advance!
Do you mean like the loops on a musket? If so they are called barrel bands. They tend to be named in order as if the gun was pointed muzzle up, so on a Kar 98K for example the band at the end of the upper handguard would be the lower band, whilst the one at the end of the stock at the muzzle end (where the bayonet lug is) would be the upper band. If it is the front one that also protects the front of the stock it can also be called an end cap, this can also refer to a cap which doesn't got over the barrel like on a Brown Bess.
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