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I consider myself EXTREMELY hard to take unawares because I have what is known as "sensory defensiveness," a side-effect of having ADHD.

Basically, it means that my tolerance for noise, smells, light, bright colors, physical contact. etc., is lower than the average person. High and low-pitch noises are extremely irritating, I can't go outside even on overcast days without sunglasses, strong smells can give me migraines, and even a gentle touch from most people fills me with anxiety.

The upside, however, is that I'm extremely aware, at all times, of what's going on around me. Not only can I hear everything that's going on in the house and trace every sound back to its source, but I can actually tell when people are coming because I can "hear" vibrations from cars and even footsteps on the concrete.

I keep weapons hidden in every part of the house and I know exactly how to use every one of them to maim or kill. My martial arts and weight training allow me to move around almost completely silent, and since my house is always kept dark at night, I'm easily capable of sneaking up on any intruder and getting the drop on them.
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