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Originally Posted by Jcordell View Post
What, were they sold out of 686's?

Honestly I don't like the "look" of the newer S&W revolvers. I have no doubt that the tolerances of the new models are amazing thanks to CNC and the steel is of the highest quality, but I just prefer the older models. I actually like the look of the Ruger GP100. Especially the 4" model.
Bah, been a bit here, but nail on the head. Although the 'look' is part of the reason I prefer the older Rugers to the GP100 (just a tad). In any case, I really don't like the full-lug look. My old man even less. Nevermind the rather tricked out style some pieces they got goin' these days.

I loved when they put the 520/620 out, got the classic Smith aesthetic while still having the 7 shot. Of course they're both gone now but bringing back the 66 is nice too. In the end though it's like you said, different strokes and so on.
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