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Well I see this is an old thread but I have one.
I was at the local outdoor range with my dad, brother, and a family friend. All of us were shooting like normal people and observing gun safety, but this group of Asian guys down from us were not. Now, I had seen these guys get out of their car earlier, and they were carrying multiple handguns, uncased, swing the muzzles in every which direction and with their fingers on the triggers at that. I knew right away that these guys would be trouble, and they just kind of disappeared for a while. They showed up again later (down from us on the right like I said earlier) and they started shooting. Well, they tried to at least. One guy has a Smith autoloader of some type, and he's trying to shoot it and nothing's happening. I can clearly see that the safety's engaged from like 15 yards away. Every time he pulls the trigger, he flinches like crazy and looks questioningly at the gun while waving it around everywhere. Then he ejects a round from the chamber and tries again. This goes on for a while until one of his equally unsafe pals realizes what's wrong, fixes it, and goes back to waving his gun around and repeatedly shooting the ground (). These guys were really dumb and everyone was looking at them, obviously frightened. I just wish a range officer had showed up and bitched them out...
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