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Originally Posted by MT2008 View Post
Wait a minute...Mozambique's civil war ended in 1992. Most of the weapons you mentioned (including the M4A1, the G36C, etc.) would not have existed at that time. Also, I'm pretty sure most of the weapons RENAMO used in that conflict were captured Soviet and Chinese-made weapons that the SADF sent them from their conflicts in Angola, Namibia, etc.

Also, why do you want to make SA mercenaries and RENAMO rebels into protagonists? RENAMO had an awful human rights record, plus they were basically a proxy force created by the South African government with almost no political purpose besides serving their own interests.
I forgot to mention that the story takes place in 2016 and history sometimes repeats itself. Plus the mercs are on the FRELIMO side not the RENAMO side. As for the weapons, I want to use a little variety rather than your ordinary AK-47 and RPG (kind of like what Michael Mann does with guns in his movies). I haven't got to the Mozambique part, but I'm getting close to it.

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