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Originally Posted by MoviePropMaster2008 View Post
This site SHOULD go with the US Military Standard. We call 4cm guns 40mm guns, etc. or "Forty Mike Mike"

7.5cm should be 75mm. I know the original european designation was different. But I don't like mixing standards. So much of our stuff is Millimeters versus Centimeters. We should keep it the same. We 'can' mention how the original gun was described when it was unveiled in the paragraph about the gun.
What MPM said two years ago
Europeans use 2cm but Americans (at least when I was in) use 20mm. If we have to set a standard, again, we can do what we did for titles. If there is any confusion or contention on the nomenclature, then being an AMERICAN site, we defer to the American standard. But of course, it is a European weapon then I defer to the original designation
Make up your mind.

That said, I have yet to weigh on this one fully but my take - I'm with c552 about just omitting calibers entirely, there's really no overlap to have to differentiate it further there. Barring that, If we have to use calibers, as FCM said why not go all the way with mm if we're doing away with the 'original' commas for decimals - That and though I know they use the cm designation as part of the actual names we aren't using the full actual names anyway in the case of the PaK and FlaK and so on (I am in favor of the K capitalization, however); I would consider allowing it if we had pieces with similar or same model numbers but that doesn't seem to be the case here - There isn't any real overlap in the remainder of the model names/numbers we have. As said the original 'cm' classification/designation as well as the full name itself can be noted in the writeup, and maybe even used as redirect links if one so desires.
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