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My friend made this one. It's called the WKGF-B. Featuring 4 extra long tacrails for all your useless tactical shit, it sports 5 spare rear sights so you can never miss a target. The magazine and silencer are so extended, they both silence the gun COMPLETELY, hold 86 rounds of ammuntion, and EXTEND OFF THE IMAGE, respectively. Instead of an actual sight on the top rail, a flashlight has been installed so you can BLIND THE FUCK OUT OF YOUR ENEMIES AND THEN UNFUCKINGLOAD ON THEM. The barrel doubles, no triples as a grenade launcher/honey launcher, both silenced, of course, and can be changed via the 9 point selector switch which features safe, super safe, semi-automatic, 3 round burst, 4 round burst, fully automatic, grenade, honey, bee*, holy shit a 10th selection!, as well as many other useful selections which can be installed for an extra price.

*The gun is equipped with an experimental bee launcher capable of firing 2000 BPM [see footnote 2] which are stored in three polymer hives, because steel is too goddamn heavy and obsolete, equipped with their own flash suppressors, as well as a backup hive atop the silencer for when the weapon is running low. In order for the bees to work at maximum efficiency, the honey launcher must be fired at the target first in order for the bees to track them.

[footnote 1]: There is no footnote 1, stupid.
[footnote 2]: BPM = Bees Per Minute
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