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Originally Posted by MT2008 View Post
True, but that just seems a little too generic.
How is that too generic? How is the reader being cheated out of information? That would only be the case if the reader was confused if the character used multiple guns at the end, but by this time, it is assumed that we have educated the reader as far as recognizing the firearm.

Not everyone has seen a movie before looking at a page. I am (unfortunately) AVOIDING some pages that Gunmaster45 has worked hard on, and have not been able to comment on them (despite his request for input) because I have NOT seen the movie yet. I will see them soon and hopefully not keep him waiting forever Also people, like me for example, are sometimes encouraged to see a movie we would otherwise not see if we see that the film has a slew of interesting firearms.

Anyway, that's just IMHO.
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