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Originally Posted by funkychinaman View Post
Looking at the page, it looks like the only guns which were fired were the flare guns. I don't recall much non-Jager weapons fire in the film.
There may not have been any guns fired in “Pacific Rim”, but that doesn’t mean the weapons which weren’t fired are not real guns. The handguns which appear in the scene where Ron Perlman’s gangsters draw on the kaiju-geek scientist are all clearly real guns, judging by their appearance. Otherwise, the M4s with M203s used by the soldiers in the film mostly look real, though it's possible that some of those in the background might very well be airsoft guns. The credits indicate that Charles Taylor (Movie Armaments Group) was the armorer on the film; the production would not have hired him just to supply and supervise the use of airsoft guns.

The guns in “The Shape of Water” also looked real to me.
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