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Originally Posted by funkychinaman View Post
Maybe they can modify their own Blackhawks. You know, the ones we sold them. I can't believe we sold both the PRC and the ROC the same military equipment.

(BTW, I'm loving their euphemism for the Tiananmen Square Massacre as simply "the 1989 incident.")
Yeah, it was a dumb idea in retrospect to sell China those Black Hawks (though notice that it was the Reagan administration that did it). Back in those days, though, everybody still believed that economic prosperity led to democracy and expected China to become a democratic country eventually, instead of the model for "free market authoritarianism" that it has become today.

Also, while it was a mistake to establish military cooperation ties with China in the 80s, at least we're not like the Israelis - who are STILL one of China's biggest arms suppliers to this day (even though they know how much it pisses us off). I think it's one of the most reprehensible partnerships in which the Israelis have ever been involved (second only to apartheid South Africa).
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