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Originally Posted by hotborad View Post
Cool thanks so where can I buy one besides Online I preferably would like flat-top and adjustable stock. With two piece handguard no RIS system for handguard. And assembled or mostly assembled I will take it apart but id rather start with it already together. By the way im lookin to spend around 800 dollars or less. I live in south carolina. Also thanks for Stag arms looks nice but how do I get an FFL and how much does that cost.
You wouldn't get a would find someone in your area that has a ffl and then you will have a gun sent to that person/business and do the background check there or you can straight out buy it at that ffl owner...I personally like S&W M&P15 but for under $800 your most likely looking at DPMS and its called a optic-only model if you want a flat top for cheaper...and SBR is Short Barrel Rifle
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