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Originally Posted by hotborad View Post
So im new to the rifle and shotgun world. I'm well knowledged with my pistols. But I never received a gun license because the guns were manufactured and bought before any of the gun laws where implemented. Im interested in buying an AR-15 online because none of the dealers near me have any AKA I live in the boones.
Here are the specs im interested in also where to buy beside

-11.5inch barrel
-carbine handrail
-flattop receiver
-standard lower receiver
-adjustable stock
-10round magazine .22lr with conversion

Any tips or suggestions would be great also how do i get the FFL for online purchase Id rather just fill it out in store and stuff but id rather have the gun fully assembled. But so far i have yet to find a full assembled AR-15 with a 11.5 barrel. Also a concern of mine is not having all the parts for the gun having to buy more parts not knowing if their right sizes etc...
For the 11.5" you'll need to go to a Class III dealer and pay the additional $200 tax need to do this before you get the gun and it could take up to 6 months for a SBR.
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