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I'm possibly the only person on this thread who's going the preferences, appearances, and background of my characters. Anyway, here it goes:

- Greg is a white, 28 year old man. He was born in Liverpool, England but moved to South Africa when he was four. His father worked as a policeman while his mother was a housewife. Greg is described as having dark brown hair (which he keeps in a mullet), hazel eyes, and whiskers (he shaves every two or three days to keep it from growing into a beard). He's very genorous and open minded, always willing to give his opinion. He smokes Marlboro's cigarrettes, smoking one packet every two weeks and lights them with a Zippo lighter. His favorite drink is rum, usually dark rum served on the rocks, but he limits himself to two drinks a day. He likes to listen to classical and Big Band music. His best friend is Ares and his girlfriend is Katie.

- Ares (real name Anthony) is 31 year old man with a mixed heritage of Samoan and white. His mother was Samoan and his father is of Dutch desciant. His mother died during childbirth with him. His father owns a resturant in East London where Ares grew up. He has dirty blond hair and blue eyes. His skin has a light tan to it. He also has a muscular build. He hates to get involed in war, rather preffering to do small jobs. He likes the works of Ernest Hemingway, John Steinbeck, and Fyodor Dostoyevsky. He smokes cigars (preferably Cubans) and uses a matchbook to light them. His favorite drink is brandy or whiskey, served on the rocks. He is best friends with Greg and currently is in no romantic relationship.

- Kate "Katie" Barkley is a 26 year old woman. She has a heritage of Dutch and Italian. Her mother suffered from Ovarian cancer, inspiring her to become a doctor. She is a Med school graduate and is an expert in cardiology. She has long, light brown hair, green eyes, and medium sized breasts. She is a former Marijuana smoker, a fact which she hids from Greg. She rarely drinks, put prefers Castle Lager beer when she does.She doesn't do mercenary work like everyone else on the ship, but prefers to treat thier wounds. While the others are working, she prefers to pass her time reading, watching films in the break room, and go target practicing with her stainless M1911A1 (a gift from Greg). She is good friends with Ares and Johnny and is Greg's girlfriend.

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